Minecraft MMO servers

Minecraft servers MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), servers are sometimes called MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). They have different gameplay elements. All of them offer a vast online fantasy world that players can explore. MMO servers encourage players to interact with NPC characters as well as other players, often through sets of in-depth quests or similar … Read more

Minecraft, Spigot and NMS

One of the most reliable and stable Minecraft servers available today is Spigot. Spigot is compatible with NMS and allows players to create servers easily and modify them. This article will teach you how to use NMS in Spigot. This article will teach you all about NMS. We’ll answer your questions about the topic. Spigot: … Read more

Minecraft servers (EULA) crackdown

In June 2014, Mojang, right before the Microsoft buyout in June, dropped a bombshell to the community.Although it seemed innocent enough, a blog post entitled “Let’s discuss server monetization” threatened to disrupt the stability of the private server ecosystem. Although the blog post was intended to clarify the Minecraft End User License Agreement, it explicitly … Read more