Underwater monuments in Minecraft

Sat Nov 12. 2022

Underwater monuments in Minecraft

The almost endless world of Minecraft will have many structures. While some structures are common, others are uncommon. The ocean monument is one of the most frequently seen structures overworld.

Ocean monuments can be found in the oceans, as you can see from their name. Ocean monuments are found in particular deep ocean biomes and variants.

Minecraft has only one type of ocean monument. Future updates will likely not include more.

Players will find many ocean monuments in every Minecraft world. However, they are almost all the same. One difference is that ocean monuments might have multiple rooms.

Ocean monuments are not like villages that players randomly stumble upon. They can however be found easily if the player is equipped with an ocean explorer map.

You can trade with apprentice-level cartographer villager or find loot chests from shipwrecks and underwater ruins to obtain ocean explorer maps. Shipwrecks are almost guaranteed to have an ocean explorer map in their map chests.

It is very easy to use an explorer map in Minecraft. A white dot represents the player's position, while a small ocean monument shows where the monument is. By pressing F3, players can identify the direction they are facing and then move towards the monument.

Only three elder guardians and three Guardians can spawn in all ocean monuments. These mobs are the only source for prismarine shards, which can be used to make prismarine blocks. Elder guardians may also drop wet sponges.

Ocean monuments also contain prismarine blocks. Each monument is composed of multiple chambers. One has eight blocks made of gold and the other has dark prismarine.

One of the rooms contains a lot wet sponge blocks. This is the only area in Minecraft where sponge grows naturally. Sea lanterns are also available at regular intervals.