Top 5 commands to make Minecraft easier for you

Wed Nov 16. 2022

Top 5 commands to make Minecraft easier for you

Minecraft has had many commands that players can use to perform different functions for almost all of its existence.

To use commands in Minecraft, you will need to enable cheats for your single-player world and multiplayer servers. Once that is done, however, you have a vast array of commands options.

These commands can be very complex and affect many of Minecraft's core functions. Other commands are much more useful and can be used for a lot of enjoyment. It's a good idea to take a look at the top commands that players enjoy as we enter the new year.

5) /Gamemode

Sometimes Minecraft players need more freedom in their world's game modes. While Survival Mode is great, sometimes it's more fun to switch to Creative Mode when you are building a project or moving around the map.

You can also switch to Spectator mode occasionally to observe other players. To perform many of these changes, players will need to hop out of a server or world and reconfigure the game mode.

However, users can easily change their game mode with /gamemode.

4) /Locate, /Locatebiome

Minecraft's number of created biomes and structures keeps growing, so it can be challenging to find some. Structures such as ocean monuments can be found deep under the sea, while new cave biomes can be found underground.

However, Minecraft's console now has /locate and/locatebiome so that gamers can get coordinates to find the closest biome or structure. This should save you a lot of time searching!

3) /Experience & /Xp

Minecraft is an enchanting and repair game where experience is a valuable commodity. Many players create farms to gain experience. However, they might not always have the XP or be near enough to complete the desired action.

Users can gain or lose experience by using /experience or /xp. These commands are great for adding experience to your game, even if you don't want to lose XP.

2) /Summon

The /summon command allows players to create entities in a Minecraft world. Different types of entities can created based on the parameters provided by the users (or command blocks) that execute the command. Some of these entities are not allowed by the Minecraft generation rules.

Gamers can also equip entities and remove artificial intelligence. Although the command structure can be complex, gamers can create some interesting entities once they understand how the /summon command works.

1) /Teleport or /TP

It is used extensively in multiplayer Minecraft server. /teleport, /tp and /teleport are executed to move entities and players to specific coordinates. It is used extensively in the hugely popular multiplayer server, Hypixel Skyblock. This allows players to transition between their islands and the main server hub.

But that shouldn't stop Minecraft builders using it for their own purposes.

Readers have the option to move with their friends to different points of interest or join a group. You can do it all with the /teleport or /tp commands.