Minecraft MMO servers

Sat Dec 10. 2022

Minecraft MMO servers

Minecraft servers MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), servers are sometimes called MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). They have different gameplay elements. All of them offer a vast online fantasy world that players can explore.

MMO servers encourage players to interact with NPC characters as well as other players, often through sets of in-depth quests or similar activities.

These are the best MMO servers that offer lore-packed worlds and a great way for players to interact with hundreds (or even thousands) of other players.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a prison where players are trapped in a mysterious, but brutal world of NPCs and other players who want to make quick money.

Gamers begin as “new inmates”, the lowest rank. The server's goal is to make enough money to allow you to move up through the various ranks of prison, and eventually escape into a free land.

Purple Prison is online since 2014, and thousands of players connect every day in 2021. The years of constant updates have made the game an incredibly thrilling experience. Purple Prison is a server that's well-made and quality.



Runescape is a MMORPG game that many players are familiar with. It has been almost synonymous with the genre.

Minescape is a project that will appeal to both Minecraft and Runescape fans. It's a server that attempts bring Runescape to Minecraft.

Amazingly, you don't need mods to join Minescape. Instead, all custom items and Runescape-based features can be implemented via an extensive custom texture pack that is automatically installed when you connect to the server.

IP: play.gameslabs.net

Block Empires

Block Empires MMO server is kingdom-based Minecraft MMO server. Players are given the goal to create, develop and defend their kingdom.

This highly detailed medieval fantasy server allows players to build their kingdom and is encouraged to pillage other kingdoms.

Block Empires adds a variety character skill paths and custom capabilities to vanilla Minecraft, adding an entirely new dimension to gameplay and combat mechanics.

IP: blockempires.com


NatureCraft created a 1:1000 scale replica of the earth based on satellite data. This is used to automatically import real-world terrain into a Minecraft map.

NatureCraft's extensive real-life map has been used to provide players with a unique MMORPG towny experience.

There are many custom features available on the server, including classic MMO-inspired gameplay extensions like witchcraft, quests raid dungeons boss fighting and collectable pets.

IP: play.naturecraft.world

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Wynncraft is a MMORPG server that has attracted thousands of players during peak times.

Wynncraft is unique for many reasons. One of these is the numerous in-depth quests that players can complete. There are more than 100 quests that can be completed. Each one requires players to make decisions that will contribute to the overall storyline.

Wynncraft also offers other features that might be of interest to potential players, such as magic spells and boss dungeons. Custom mobs can also be created, as well. Market shops, 2000+ new products, character leveling paths, four provinces, and market shops are just a few examples.

IP: wynncraft.com