Minecraft : Amazing base

Wed Dec 21. 2022

Minecraft : Amazing base

Minecraft Builds Reddit is a community that allows players to post their builds in the popular sandbox game. Minecraft is well-known for its vast map, which allows players to build virtually anything within a few blocks. This subreddit allows you to show off your build.

Redditor u/MassiveSpeck recently posted photos of a beautiful base that they had built. These photos showed the Minecraft build from various angles and lighting situations. They also mentioned in the caption that they would be building it on a Minecraft Server.

It was constructed with copper blocks and dark oak to create a tall, hut-like roof. The build also features soul lanterns on each roof and occasional leaf blocks. The build is full of beautiful details such as trapdoors and fences. This resulted in some stunning photos, thanks to the custom sky background and Minecraft shaders.

People react to the Minecraft Redditor's stunning base

This beautiful, detailed build is always appreciated by the Minecraft subreddit. The page is focused on builds and many people responded to the post. This post received more than 21,000 upvotes and many comments in less than a day.

Nearly all of them loved the build and said it was nearly perfect. Everyone loved the details and the gorgeous oxidized copper roofs.

People also spoke about the background of the photo and how beautiful the custom clouds were. The custom clouds looked more realistic than the vanilla's flat clouds during sunset.

The level of detail was discussed by many who appreciated the contrast between the dark oak roof and the light acacia blocks at bottom. Many people also wanted to know more about the texture pack as well as the shaders used by the original poster. In response to these questions, the original poster stated that they only used complementary shaders.

While the majority of the feedback was positive, some people found the build a little too complicated or loud. Although they liked the build, some expressed their opinion that it had too many unnecessary details.

Many liked the build and it continues to get lots of comments and upvotes. Although some didn't like the detail, it was clear that the player had put a lot into creating such a base.