How to farm berries in Minecraft

Sat Dec 24. 2022

How to farm berries in Minecraft

There are many food options in Minecraft, each with its own unique qualities. Some food sources like baked potatoes and cooked meat last a long time and can restore many hunger points. Some foods don't last as well, but they have many other benefits. As part of the 1.14 update sweet berries have many benefits.

These berries are one of few food sources that can continue to grow after being harvested. Berry plants are a food source that will continue to produce berries, so they can be a reliable food source. They can be easily farmed but it is not easy. Here are the steps.

Automated farming sweet berries in Minecraft

Because this farm requires many stipulations to function properly, Minecraft players will need to have a variety of items. Here are the items they will need:

Leads can be used to capture foxes and bring them to the Minecraft locations they need. Players should first place the dirt row and then plant the berries. There should be enough space for the berries and the minecart to pass through. It should be three blocks in width.

The railroad should be built by the players along its entire length. To ensure that the railroad rolls, powered rails should be placed at each end.

Then, the players will need to build an enclosure for foxes. To ensure that the foxes don't sleep, there must be a clear view to the sky. Fences are recommended. Then, Minecraft players can relax and let the foxes take care of the rest.

The berries will be harvested by foxes, which will fall below the minecart and hopper for it to collect as it travels back and forth. These will be placed into the chest via the other hopper. Once the berries are harvested again, the process will continue.