Best XP-blocks in Minecraft

Fri Jan 13. 2023

Best XP-blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft players must earn experience points (XP), in order to unlock the final game.

To enchant armor, weapons, or tools, players must have XP. You will also need experience points to use name tags in Minecraft and repair items. You can increase your XP by earning experience orbs, which are given for various activities like mining and taking out mobs.

Although killing mobs is the best way to earn XP, it is not recommended for the beginning of the game. Players can now rely on blocks to earn XP instead of fighting mobs. These five blocks are great for generating experience points in Minecraft.

5) Diamond ore

One of the most rare blocks in Minecraft is diamond ores. Players also receive small amounts of experience point in addition to diamonds. One diamond ore can be mined for 3-7 experience points. Diamond ores now generate around Y level 11.

4) Lapis lazuli Ore

Lapis Lazuli is an indispensable resource for creating enchanting items and tables. Lapis lazuli ores can also be mined to produce anywhere from 2-5 experience points.

Lapis lazuli ore is much more common than diamonds in Minecraft. Below Y level 30, players can find lapis lava ores.

3) Nether quartz, ore

Quartz ore drops between 2 and 5 experience points, just like lapis lazuli. They are more common and easy to find. You can find quartz ore in almost every place in the Nether realm.

To find quartz, players needing to earn XP can visit the Nether realm. Stone pickaxes are required to mine this ore. Players will also receive XP and quartz. This helps to make redstone tools, as well as beautiful quartz blocks.

2) Mob spawners

Spawners are one of the few blocks that cannot be obtained in Minecraft. These blocks are found in many structures like woodland mansions and dungeons. Breaking one mobspawner will result in 15-43 experience point.

Players should not kill every mob spawner in their Minecraft worlds. Spawners can also be used to create mob farms that will give you more XP over time.

1) Furnace

To earn experience points, players can use any type of furnace. You can earn XP by taking out cooked food and melted items from a furnace. A bamboo and cactus farm can be connected to a furnace to create an XP bank.

These blocks are not the only ones that players get XP. Players also get XP for other blocks such as redstone ore and emerald, ore, and coal ore.