Best uses for sugar cane in Minecraft

Sun Jan 22. 2023

Best uses for sugar cane in Minecraft

You can find sugar cane in Minecraft near water bodies. It serves several useful crafting purposes for early- and late-game players.

Although sugar cane is not as useful as other crops in Minecraft, it still has its uses. The sugar cane is an easy crop to grow and can be made into paper or sugar.

Sugar is an essential ingredient in crafting various items and brewing potions. The item can be used to create many crafting patterns including maps, banner patterns, cartography tables and maps. This makes sugarcane an important ingredient in Minecraft, even though it is not edible like other crops.

3) Books

You can make books from sugar cane by mixing it with leather. Books are not a valuable item by themselves, but they can be made into bookshelf blocks and enchanting tables.

These two blocks can be combined to increase the quality of the enchantments provided by their enchanting tables, making them more useful. A stronger player will have stronger enchantments, so it is a good idea to stack enough books and bookshelves to create an enchanting table.

2) Fermented spider eyes

Many options are available to Minecraft players when sugar cane becomes sugar. This includes the creation of cakes and pumpkin pies. Players can make fermented spider eyes by mixing sugar with brown mushrooms and a spidereye.

These eyes can be used to corrupt potions and make them into offensive-oriented potions like potions of weakness or slowness. You can also use the eyes to make potions of invisibility. The extensive brewing capabilities of this single item are too great to ignore.

1) Firework rockets

Players can make firework rockets by combining gunpowder and paper. These items are great for creating a beautiful visual display, especially if you add fireworks stars to it. However, they are also one the most valuable items for Elytra players. Players can use firework rockets to propel themselves during Elytra flight and receive a boost from rockets.

This will allow Elytra to fly longer and enable players to move faster in the air. Players should note that rockets used to propel players can make maneuvering difficult, and the rocket will eventually explode. Therefore, rocket users will need to ensure they have enough space to give their rockets a boost in midair.